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50 items declutter

50 items declutter

50 items declutter
Audio: The Big Beat 80s by Kevin MacLeod, Synrinx Starr

Day 1
3 shorts 2 lanyards 3 skirts (more than 10 years old) 2 bags

Day 2
1 paper 3 stamp pads (more than 8 years old) 1 broken pencil crayon 1 empty scotch tape dispenser 1 old magazine 1 pile of old newspapers 1 old basket container filled with old paper stuff 1 paper bag

Day 3
2 old folders more than 5 paper materials (obsolete fliers etc.)

Day 4
more than 5 paper materials (cartons, containers) more than 5 other paper materials (magazines, bond papers etc.)

Day 5
More than 10 colored papers
I decided to keep 5 plastics of papers in good condition and toss away the other 5.

Most of these items are either defective or obsolete. I used the old containers to fill each one with old stuff before throwing away. Some of these will be stored for safekeeping whether it will be given to someone else or I'll be using it.