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Blood Moon

It was just recently when a total Solar Eclipse, also called "Blood Moon", occurred. It's totality made the sun's corona visible and in some angles, the red flashes looked like blood.

Although an eclipse happens almost every year, a "Total" solar eclipse is a rare event. Such occurrences never fail to mesmerize us humans and makes us ponder at how our universe was wonderfully made by our Creator.

"Blood Moon" is also the English title of a new series entitled "La Luna Sangre", airing on ABSCBN Network.

I've been waiting for this for so long :)

"La Luna" means "the Moon" and "Sangre" means "Blood". 

La Luna Sangre is the third installment of a Trilogy which began in "Lobo" (Wolf, 2008) starring Angel Locsin (as Lyka, a wolf) and Piolo Pascual (as Noah, a human and soldier called Luna), followed by its sequel "Imortal"(Immortal, 2010-2011) starring Angel Locsin (as Lia, offspring of Lyka and Noah) and John Lloyd Cruz (as Matteo, son of a good vampire - a human restored by Magnus to become a vampire).

La Luna Sangre (LLS)

Kathryn Bernardo plays the role of Malia, the offspring of her equally powerful parents Matteo and Lia -- who were killed by Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez) a powerful evil vampire whom she was prophesied to defeat. Sandrino is the strongest son of Magnus (an evil vampire/ villain in Imortal.)

It was believed that Immortals' power will emerge during the blood moon, but Malia remains human (probably an inherited gene when her parents chose to be humans) even after the prophesied day. Despite of not possessing any power, she made it a vow at her parents' tomb that she will kill Sandrino.
As Malia's prophesied victory seems inevitable, her fate changed when she  meets Tristan (Daniel Padilla). The unexplainable spark, every time they touch, sends a vision to Jethro (a chosen human who can see visions about the Immortal beings) that affects the prophecy.

Tristan joined a group of humans called "Moon Chasers" and swears to help them end the existence of vampires to avenge the death of his father. His mother was turned into a vampire without his knowledge during his childhood. 

While Malia was investigating at Sandrino's corporation, and Tristan was following orders from Moonchasers, they accidentally crossed paths again. Malia, not in her disguise as a guy named "Mio" who became Tristan's friend, had no choice but to pretend to be someone else -- a girl named "Toni".

Kathniel as the lead roles for LLS is a revelation. Who would have thought that Kathryn could sport a boy's haircut and do action scenes? Who would have thought Daniel can improve his acting?

At this moment, I consider them as the number 1 loveteam (not a fan, not blind either) in the Philippines  because of the stability of their team-up despite not having a strong chemistry on screen.

- I've watched Kathniel's remake of Pangako sa'yo and I've seen a chemistry between Sue and Daniel.

I've been a fan of the original PSY, and the twist I liked about it (original PSY) was the revelation about Ma. Amor/Clarissa (played by Diane dela Fuente) who was in fact the real daughter of Claudia.

They simplified the plot in 2015 remake to avoid confusion.

- I've also watched "Princess and I", wherein Enrique Gil's character was obviously the first lead in the story and I've seen a chemistry between him and his supposed leading lady Kathryn. Though it was disappointing that they never end up together, I liked the twist and turns of his character. 

I wasn't able to watch it in 2012 (we don't have TV that time) but I watched the network's uploads on Youtube.


I've watched Lobo and Imortal and I've always been a fan of fantasy-themed stories. I even joined an online contest about it (2011) which I never won.

The good thing about this (LLS) third installment is it gave us the expectations we had in mind from previous fantasy stories.

- Remember Twilight's Breaking Dawn part 2?  the part where Renesmee ran with Jacob -- which was all an illusion that Alice visualized in Aro's mind.

In LLS, a similar intense event did happen (not illusion). Baristo (a wolf who adopted Malia) saved Malia when Sandrino and his allies attacked the good Immortals.

- The chaos between the good and bad immortals during LLS pilot week was the expectation I had in mind during the finale of "Spirits" (2005), I barely remember anything about the series aside from the ending -- everyone were training for a war that never took place...and something about triangle.

Sandrino's character reminds me of Angelo from "Maligno" (2008), the birthchild of the chosen carrier by a satanic cult. It is a creepy story but the finale was a bit of a cliffhanger as it wasn't clear how the demon child became an ordinary human being, and he was too nice for his role.

One thing I liked about Maligno was the unexpected twist about Charlie (Empoy Marquez) and the other goody-image-characters. I was wondering why he chose black balloons for Angelo's birthday like he knew he was the prince of darkness. It turns out his bubbly gay character was not as genuine as he seems, his true motive was revealed during the finale.


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