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How to trim videos in Creator Studio

How to trim videos on YouTube using Creator Studio

You can only edit youtube videos on youtube itself through Creator Studio.
How to trim videos on Creator Studio
1. Log in to your youtube account then click on your channel logo, it will prompt a dropdown menu. 2. Choose "Creator Studio" from the dropdown menu. 3. At Creator Studio, choose the video you want to edit..
Click the "Edit" button beside the video you selected.
4. In the Editing page, click "Enhancements" 5. Then click on "Trim" button
6. The "Split" button below the video will let you cut or slice some parts of your video
    If you choose to shorten your video, you just need to click on either the two edges of your chosen footage, depending on what parts you want to discard (the end part, or at the start; or both)
    If you need to slice/cut some parts of the video:
 1. click on the footage  2. choose the time of the first part you want to e…
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The Sunday Currently | 01

As of this moment

This is the song I could dedicate to AlDub phenomenon as of this moment...
In My Dreams REO Speedwagon

I made this fan video back in August 2017. Video clips are from "Destined to be Yours" (AlDub's first teleserye) but the sequencing in this particular video are based on my first impression of the Title.
It was originally uploaded to express my expectation of the 'would be plot' of this series, since the title includes the word 'Destined', I thought it would have something to do with their inevitable chance to end up with each other aside from their serendipitous encounters.
I mean, I was surprised the series was like a compilation inspired by AlDub's journey and not a story of it's own.
Here is my description when I uploaded it on youtube.
"... A Twisted Fate (not Faith, but Destiny) Their characters' love story started in 2017, unfortunate events happened until they meet again after 2 years. Struggles continues. I had a gut feeling som…

50 items declutter

50 items declutter

50 items declutter
Audio: The Big Beat 80s by Kevin MacLeod, Synrinx Starr

Day 1
3 shorts 2 lanyards 3 skirts (more than 10 years old) 2 bags

Day 2
1 paper 3 stamp pads (more than 8 years old) 1 broken pencil crayon 1 empty scotch tape dispenser 1 old magazine 1 pile of old newspapers 1 old basket container filled with old paper stuff 1 paper bag

Day 3
2 old folders more than 5 paper materials (obsolete fliers etc.)

Day 4
more than 5 paper materials (cartons, containers) more than 5 other paper materials (magazines, bond papers etc.)

Day 5
More than 10 colored papers
I decided to keep 5 plastics of papers in good condition and toss away the other 5.

Most of these items are either defective or obsolete. I used the old containers to fill each one with old stuff before throwing away. Some of these will be stored for safekeeping whether it will be given to someone else or I'll be using it.

Watching: Cebu Inmates' performances

Dancing is an exciting form of their rehabilitation. Prisoners in Cebu, Philippines, dances to different songs but their popularity began when their dance video to the tune of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" went viral online. This exercise performance is just part of their routine.

They rose to fame when Michael Jackson's professional dancers choreographed their next performance.

MJ's longtime choreographer, Travis Payne, along with two of the top dancers of "This is it" Tribute film: Danielle Celebre and Dres Reid; rehearsed with the prisoners for two days.

This is their music video in jail.

Blood Moon

It was just recently when a total Solar Eclipse, also called "Blood Moon", occurred. It's totality made the sun's corona visible and in some angles, the red flashes looked like blood.
Although an eclipse happens almost every year, a "Total" solar eclipse is a rare event. Such occurrences never fail to mesmerize us humans and makes us ponder at how our universe was wonderfully made by our Creator.
"Blood Moon" is also the English title of a new series entitled "La Luna Sangre", airing on ABSCBN Network.
I've been waiting for this for so long :)

"La Luna" means "the Moon" and "Sangre" means "Blood". 

How to answer a quote in quiz puzzle?

How to answer a quote in Quiz puzzle?

How to answer a quote in quiz puzzle?

From the video above, we can use the first quotes-in-quiz puzzle (not the intro) as our example.

1. First, supply the empty boxes with given clues/letters corresponding their numbers.

The only clues provided are E and R.

In this case, all 3's contain the letter E and all 6's contain the letter R

2. Secondly, try to determine the missing letters which can fill in the gaps.

Observe the similar numbers, try to supply the missing letters from your mind first.

Provided Clue: The first word of the quote is a three-letter-word that contains "E" as its third and last letter.

The formed question: What three-letter-word that ends with "E" usually starts a sentence?


Another clue: The second word contains five letters with "R" as its fourth letter, and both the first and last letter has the same label/number (4).

Another formed question: What five-le…